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We-Able is a social enterprise dedicated to providing meaningful educational, recreational and employment opportunities to people with special needs in the communities of their choice.

We are improving the lives of people with special needs by promoting their greater independence with dignity, respect and understanding.
We work one-on-one with families to design an individual integrated service plan that meets their specific needs and goals. We-Able takes great pride in designing programs that are as individualized and unique as the people we serve. 





Person Based

We-Able provides meaningful Educational, Recreational, Physical Activities, Arts, Social and Employment opportunities to people with special needs. We are improving the lives of people with special needs by promoting their greater independence with dignity, respect and understanding. We-Able strives to be “one agency for all needs.” Our programs are:  •	Person-Based •	Integrated; •	Comprehensive; and •	Flexible At We-Able, we provide two options of participation: Day Program (Full-Time) and Part-Time Participation. 1)	Day Program (Full-Time Participation) When you start to participate in our Day Program, during the first few weeks, you will get familiar with our enterprise, people, facilities and friends. At the same time, we will know your interests, capacity and needs. Through a collaboration between you, your parents (guardians) your support staff and the program coordinator we will develop an Integrated Individual Empowerment Plan (IIEP) for you.  An Individual Integrated Empowerment Plan (IISP) is the written details of the supports, activities, and resources that an Individual, Individual’s Guardians, Personal Support Staff and the program Coordinator, and other people of the individual's choice agree are essential to or for achieving and maintaining personal outcomes. An IIEP will be updated to reflect changes in support needs and services throughout the year as needs change or at the individual’s (Guardians’) request.  We provide a variety of activities and actions in your IIEP. These activities and actions are designed based on your interests, needs and capacity. We are very committed to the components of this program and will work collaboratively with all stakeholders to implement this program effectively and achieve the proposed goals and objectives.  An IIEP is running from Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Our Day Programs consist of two main parts: “In-House” and “In-Community” activities. An example of a typical Integrated Individual Empowerment Program is shown in the following table. Area of Actions	In-House	In-Community Educational	Basic Math	Computer, Puzzles,	Public Library Recreational	Music Therapy	Dance	Community Park Arts	Crafts	Colouring	Shopping Centre Physical Activities	Yuga	Sitting Workout	Bowling, Swimming Employment Skills	Stacking	Assembling	Volunteering…        2)	Part Time Participation To facilitate the inclusive participation of all people interested in our services, We-Able offers a flexible Part-Time participation. Responding to your interests and availability, you can choose and participate in any In-House or In-Community activities which are periodically scheduled and announced on our website.  REGISTRATION FEES Registration fees for full-time participation (Day Program) are $2850 per month. Registration fees for part-time participation are $20 per hour (minimum 2 hours)

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