About Us


About Us

We-Able is a new social enterprise that provides services to young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities and support to their families and Guardians. We-Able keeps individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities and their families at the heart of its efforts. 
At We-Able, we have the privilege of working with people with special needs and watching them succeed in their quest to attain a life full of meaning and promise…. A life well lived.
We-Able has been founded with the purpose of providing the highest quality services to enhance the capacity of people with special needs. At We-Able,  we support the whole person by providing pathways to independence and finding the right experience for each person.
We-Able has a mission to drive independent living for individuals with developmental disabilities through “person-centered” services.

At We-Able our Core Values are

Individual’s Ability first

We believe that all people with intellectual, developmental disabilities or other disabilities are recognised by their own strengths, abilities, and inherent values instead of their disability.

Equal Opportunity

We believe that people with disabilities and their families are entitled to the respect, dignity, equality, safety, and security accorded to other members of community.


We believe that people with disabilities belong in the community and have fundamental moral, civil and constitutional rights to be fully included and actively participate in all aspects of community including educational, economic, and social opportunities.


We believe in self-determination and self-advocacy. People with disabilities can make decisions about their own lives, with appropriate resources and supports. They and their families/Guardians must be heard on issues that affect their well-being.


We believe that community benefits from the contributions of people with diverse personal characteristics (including but not limited to race, ethnicity, religion, age, geographic location, gender and type of disability).


Our mission at We-Able is to support young adults with developmental disabilities and their families by providing exceptional personal services, support and training. We strive to inspire, give hope, build personal capacity and well-being to ensure valuable life experiences for all our clients. The spirit of our mission is:

To build a value-based environment, a Person-Centre program, and a collaborative process.

To empower young adults with learning disabilities enabling them to be an engaged, productive and effective members of their communities.


Our community is inclusive and Diversified. Every person in the community regardless their physical and metal ability is valued, interconnected and engaged. 

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